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Welcome to Your New Life - Individual (only 3 places)
Welcome to Your New Life - Individual (only 3 places)

To determinate


Via Zoom or Face-to-face

Welcome to Your New Life - Individual (only 3 places)

A new way, to go deeper, and remove what few get a glimpse of. Opening again the sacred space loaded with knowledge for your healing and empowerment. From anywhere in the world we will welcome you to your new and brighter life. Do you resonate? Here I wait for you

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To determinate

Via Zoom or Face-to-face

Sobre el evento

Has it happened to you that you don't know why you feel unable to move forward? Have you tried everything yet?

 You probably didn't try this program.

This "Welcome to your new life" program is a combination of techniques aimed at clearing all kinds of conditions that in your present, past and/or future may be holding back your evolution and even generating diseases. In the session, current life problems, blocks or past lives, contracts can be attended to, as your soul requires.

What will we address and how?

Estimated total time 3 months.

Virtual meeting once a week, schedule to be agreed.

Sessions of 45 min. 

We will address: 

- The 12 systems.

- The layers of the aura.

- Blocks of emotions. 

- Cleaning and activation / harmonization of Chakras.

- We will remove implants, parasites, etc.

And more! , but I'll tell you in the first meeting. 

We will take action to bring harmony and peace to everything that is affecting you on a mental, emotional, energetic and physical level; as well as the wounds and sufferings of past lives that you have endured during your life on Earth. What happens on Earth has to be healed on Earth so that you can return home with the wisdom you gained on your journey. Hidden behind those soul wounds are incredible soul memories that you can rekindle and use to serve humanity. 

Remember we only open 3 quotas and they are flying!

We will wait for you

Individual meeting 

Argentina: $9,600 (4 sessions $33,300)

Europe: 89 Euros (4 sessions 333 Euros)

UK: 69L (222L)

USA and Latin America: 89 Dollars (4 sessions 333 Dollars)

* You can pay per meeting, or per month with a discount.

Submit your details to continue the process. See you soon!

With love Francisco Manuel Ayr 

Francisco is a Communicator in the field of self-knowledge, being the result of intense internal reengineering work. He is a speaker, trainer, planetary activator and holistic therapist. Creator of the holistic therapy EDA (Self-Knowledge Space). Channeler of healing methods such as  "Dragon Reiki" and "Anubis Release". Guide and guardian in international retreats with medicine from the earth. How also Circles of Sacred Masculinity for Men and Mixed Circles. Blue Ray Channeler and Light Food Chef. Knowledge of shamanism and Breton druidism.

// Connect to the earth, feel one with the world and the cosmos, respect all living beings in love and equality //


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