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I'll show you what we can do together in this amazing path of life




Meditation and conscious food in Retreat in Argentina 2020 with “Revolución Consciente”

Circle of sacred masculin for men in Argentina 2020

Retreat in Montserrat mountain in Spain 2021

Retreat in Deltebre in Spain 2021

Retreat in Málaga in Spain 2021

Retreat in Viladrau Spain 2021

Retreat in Avalon “the path of the magic” in England

Meditations and Druid ceremonies in Retreat in Ireland 2021 with “The fifth Element”

Retreat in England 2022 with “The fifth Element”

Event “solar human” in Argentina 2023 

Retreat “cosmic human” in Mercedes Argentina 2023

Retreat “ERKS” in Córdoba Argentina 2023

Retreat Avalon 2023 of 11 days in England

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Courses as a creator and facilitator:

7 days meditation: 7 meditations to help re conect to the higher self

The temples of the magic l and ll: this course is a methodology to find our own path to the inner light. With more than 100 students around the word (in Spanish)

The guide codes of the path of the dragon: this is a connection with the knowledge of the dragon energy


Anubis healing: it’s a new technic to heal with five light codes and five steps.


MED Program: Medicine of Defined Focus. 21 meditations to reprogram your beliefs.


Knowledge in 

Meditation Teacher Trainer - Breathwork Teacher Trainer  - Energy Healer - Reiki Master - Channeler - Conected with Chamanism (América) and Druidism (UK)
Guide on the path of self-knowledge

Retreat hosting

Meditation teacher: vippasana, 7 chakras, tantric meditation, animal power, dragon energy, 

Shamanic journey ceremony 

Cacao and tobacco ceremony

Healing session’s (Group)

Reiki sessions (1 to 1) 

Initiated in Druidly in England

Knowledge of the Shamanic path and connection with de medicine of the mother earth Pacha Mama

Francisco Manuel Ayr
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Un poco más de Francisco:

Francisco es un Comunicador en el campo del auto-conocimiento, siendo el resultado de un intenso trabajo de reingeniería interior. Es Conferencista, formador y terapeuta holístico. Creador de la terapia holística EDA (Espacio De Autoconocimiento). Canalizador de métodos de sanación como  "Reiki dragón" y "Liberación de Anubis". Guía y guardián en retiros internacionales. Cómo también de Círculos de Masculinidad Sagrada para Hombres y Círculos Mixtos. Sanador y Canalizador del Rayo Azul. y Chef de Alimentación Lumínica

Meditator - Healer - Reikista - Channeler - Chamanism and Druidism
Guide on the path of self-knowledge

Personally, the beginning of this way of life was very intense, with a total dedication and when I say total it is. With a change in absolute reality, modifying work, relationships, food, among other things.
It was then that I had the need to focus to channel myself, starting from the premise "the truth is within, within me."

How did I find her with so many thoughts on my mind, with so many minds? No one had taught me. How could you hear me? Be my guide?
Even if you hear the voice, and know it's over there ... Would you have the courage to chase it? If I had something at that time in my life, it was lack of fear, desire to live and enjoy.
Then let's get started! I told myself.
Starting an intense, real and constant search. A journey through Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and all the "isms", long and short meditations, yoga and some other things. I began to feel that meditation cleared my mind at times when my neurons were overloaded. A few years ago, after having gone through my "dark night of the soul" or in other words a moment of break in life, I began this revealing path.

Personally, I consider that we are all born knowing the essential, the pure, and on our way we build ourselves as people who "fit" into a reality, into a clan, but at what cost? So many times that cost is deadly.

When we remove the veil of fears that hold us back, the life we want to live appears. I jumped, deconstructed and reassembled, in congruence with what I wanted, being consistent with my feeling, with my thinking and with my action. In short, meditation was a liberating process for me and that is why I share it with the world with total humility, simply sharing what continues to help me heal. Feeling a call to transmit it to more people in the community, I see that with very little you can live much better, simply 'looking at the world with different eyes', and what better than the eyes of the soul.

Changing the focus of the daily in a loving way and understanding that we are all one, that we belong to an ecosystem that sustains us. Accepting and integrating with the being, more than understanding with the mind, assimilating, learning and in turn, healing. In my case, discovering meditation not only helped me in my change or awakening, but it also sustains me in the process in a very effective, calm, loving way.

Francisco M. Ayr-

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